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Little Italy – Filming Diary

Hello Lovely readers!

Many of you might have noticed my long absence from youtube starting in November 2016 that latest till March 2017.

A huge part of the reason for my absence from my Naturally Noelle channel was the fact that I’ve been working a lot lately.

In December I was cast in a short film called Little Italy ( click the video down below to learn about the story).

Filming Little Italy was such an eye opening experience for me. The biggest reason being it was the first project that I wasn’t directing that I felt passionate about.

I deeply related to Charlie and wanted to do her and other teen girls going through similar experiences justice. I finally had a director who wanted the same from me. We wanted to create a Charlie that was full of life and the complexities of any normal human.

The hard thing about a short like this was creating that character and having realistic character development in such a short period of time.

Filming Little Italy was also the first time I got to work with a female Film director and a mostly female crew. Something I’d wanted to do for such a long time.

Not just that but everyone was around my age. and the glory of working with young high school filmmakers is the amount of passion that went into each and every single scene. We all just wanted to make a movie. A good movie.

This was so far from the bitterness and distrust that one can often find on sets. This is a place where I really got to get lost in the character and also have fun in between takes.

I hope that this year I can keep working on amazing projects like this in the future. They are the reason I’m an actress. Not only are they amazing to make but I can’t wait to share it with people. To have watch them experience the story.



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